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About Me

Here, the rubber meets the road! I have gone through many websites to realize how to render this section. How should I pick the precise words to show you who I truly am! I know that it is to nobody’s benefit where I came from, where I live, or for that matter, what religion I practice! In all sincerity, when it comes to humanity and doing the right thing, borders, living quarters, rules, religious adherence, become moot points.


One real fact about me is that I like to break the molds, create new rules, and sideline old clichés. Therefore, let’s try a new way. I was born on the planet earth, and ever since I can remember, I have been in “the vicinity!” So, to most of you, I am local unless you are hitting my website from a different planet! I do my best to “religiously” practice humanity if not 24/7, at least a couple of times per day. It helps me to keep up with my dogs. 


On weekdays, I work at my profession in the Health and Food Safety sector, and on weekends, I work on my passion for paying my debt to humanity, and to the society. We must leave things better than we found them.

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