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Paint Cans

How It Works



  • Send me an email with your ideas for a pet/animal portrait;

  • Include high definition photo(s) of the pet(s)/animal(s);

  • You may want to choose more than one picture, to pick a gorgeous one to paint;

  • We will work around the requested time frame to finish the work;

  • The first payment is payable upon commencing the artwork;

  • Once the artwork starts, I take pictures during the process and post on the blog so that you can follow the progress;

  • Once the portrait is complete, and upon shipment of the artwork, the final part of the payment is due;

  • You tell me the address, and I will ship it to you.



  • My work is authentic, 100 percent handmade: my brushes, my hands, and watercolor; 

  • I will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours;

  • Painting is a passion and a cause for me, not a business;

  • We offer free global shipping: we handle all aspects of international shipping and customs for free. No hidden fees;

  • I work with you to create a perfect rendering of your best friend to suit your budget as well as your loving home.



  • We offer free shipping and handling anywhere on the planet earth. We require a 50 percent deposit to commence the work and the remainder upon shipment of the artwork.

  • I will donate 10 percent of the artwork’s proceeds to your favorite charity, in your name;

  •  Additionally, 10 percent of the artwork’s proceeds will go to my favorite animal shelters such as the One Planet Rescue

  • You will receive a wall calendar with your furry baby's portrait printed as a gift from me.

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